Are You A Blogger?
We at Buy Something Awesome recognize how important word of mouth is. In fact, nowadays that's the most effective method of helping customers find us. On the internet, blogging is fast becoming the new method people use to communicate to each other.

This is why we're offering this unique opportunity to any customers of ours that may also have a personal website or blog that they write on:

If you find any product that you either like or hate and write a little something about it on your blog/websiye and let us know, we'll give you 50% OFF your next t-shirt/poster purchase or 10% off any item in the store.

Here are some rules about this offer:
1. Your blog must be over 1 months old.
2. Your blog must have at least 10 other entries.
3. Your blog must contain a link to either Buy Something Awesome or the specific product(s) you're commenting on.

Once you create this and then contact us about it (providing a link to your blog), we'll get back to you within a few days with your discount. At our discretion if we feel your effort is substantial we may increase the discount or even ship you a free shirt.

*Buy Something Awesome reserves the right to refuse any suggested blogs or websites. If your purchase is dependant on receiving the discount please wait to hear from us before making your purchase.

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