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DB2 Limited Edition Poker Dealer Button

DB2 Limited Edition Poker Dealer Button

Product Information
Limited Edition Digital Dealer Button comes with a chrome finish and its own custom metal case. This is the DB2 but on steroids. It is designed for the serious poker player. It combines three essential elements of tournament play: It can be safely passed as a dealer button, keeps the blind times at your fingertips, and includes a "bet timer" to make sure that players bet on their hand quickly.

The BET BUTTON speeds up play by putting a 30-second clock on slow players. Any player at the table can "call time" on a slow better and press the bet button. The blind clock continues to count down off-screen while the BET timer is counting down from 30. The BET Timer provides warning beeps and light flashes at countdown intervals below 10 seconds. At zero, the BET Timer gives a 3- second long tone to alert players that the slowpoke's hand is dead, and then continues to count down the blind period.

The Limited Edition Digital Dealer Button replaces awkward timing devices such as kitchen, stovetop and microwave timers. It is tamper-proof and features include a large easy-to-read LCD display, one-minute warning, auto shut-off (battery included), and a lifetime warranty.

The Limited Edition Digital Dealer Button's metal case is the exact dimensions of a playing card box and fits easily in a chip case card slot.

Price: $22.95

Product Code: DB2I73

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